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Pit Crew Mobile Tire Store - All Makes and Models Tampa Bay Area Florida

Mobile Tires - Servicing the Tampa  Bay Area of Florida

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Pit Crew Mobile Tire Store Equipment
Here you will find a limited list of what we work with.

GSP9700 Balancing

Solves vibration problems balancing can't fix.

The GSP9700 Vibration Control System extends far beyond the traditional functions of a wheel balancer. It not only solves wheel balance problems, but also "road tests" the tire/wheel assembly to eliminate virtually every variable causing vibration in relation to the tire and rim.

The tires you have on your car today are the technology of the future. Tires are the most technologically advanced piece of equipment on your car today, The hunter GSP 9700 was designed to check road force and Lateral Force Movement (LFM), better known as [radial drift or pull] to assist in giving you that new car ride after replacing your tires. This precision requires the GSP 9700 and specially trained technicians to understand this and correct the problems before the tires are installed on your car, light truck or SUV. The cars of "yesteryear" were made of heavier metals. This heavier design absorbed many road vibrations. Today's cars are lighter and tighter; the suspension systems must dampen many vibrations from irregular road conditions. Therefore, the tire/wheel combination must be perfectly balanced and matched.



Nitrogen Generation

Perma is an air products company that markets a product called Prism membrane nitrogen system series 1400. This product is an on board nitrogen generator. Most companies purchase nitrogen in cylinders at about 2000 p.s.i. We at Pit Crew Tire Service have chosen to invest in a system that will create nitrogen on demand and store it in an on-board 80 gal storage tank at low pressure. (170 p.s.i. for safety concerns) The USA trails European tire technology by about 10 years. Today's bottled water was a luxury 30 years ago, nitrogen for our tires is analogous to this example Pit Crew Tire Service is a forward looking company that sees that nitrogen is the future for tire inflation and is ready now too bring this important service to it's valuable customers.

Please read the dissertation on our Technology page to understand why we have made this important investment. Pit Crew Tire is dedicated to providing the safest and most reliable service in the market.




G 1160.30 SWIFT

  • AUTO-TOUCH Function

    The AUTO-TOUCH is a unique and patented tool: it operates between rim and tyre and then, levering on the rim, progressively pulls up the bead, minimising the stress on the tyre.

    The tool is made of plastic material to avoid any damage to the rim.


Did you know?

Flange plate balancing plates are required by every new car manufacture. You will not find this system in tire stores.



ALL SHOOK UP: Top 10 reasons for bad vibes

Here are the top 10 reasons for vibration-related customer comebacks:

60% Improper wheel mounting on the balancer or clamping error

10% Wheel balancer out of calibration

7% Improper wheel weight application

Another First for Pit Crew Tire:
Another First for Pit Crew Tire:  W7150 1/2" 20V High-Torque Impactool

Phone: 727-PIT-CREW

Pit Crew Tire on the Road
Pit Crew Mobile Tire Store - On the Road Tampa Bay Area Florida!

Pit Crew Mobile Tire Store - Servicing All Makes and Models in the Tampa Bay Area

Pit Crew Mobile Tire Service - Tampa Bay Area of Florida

Pit Crew Mobile Tire Store - Tampa Bay Area of Florida





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