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Our wonderful customers share their reviews and comments on their experience with Pit Crew Tire Service. Read more full testimonials - click.

Tire Rack says:

Ratings & Customer Comments (28-OCT-13)

Customer Number: 0307439-001
Attention: Craig

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Quality of Service: 9.89
Courteousness: 9.74
Location Appearance: 9.46
Overall Rating: 9.89

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I've had Craig at Pit Crew Tire Service change out tires on two cars now. Both times he's impressed me with the breadth of his knowledge, the meticulousness of his work, and the effectiveness of his efforts. Simply, both cars handled and rode better than ever. For the most recent car, a Chevy Volt, I swapped out the brand new stock tires with Pirelli P7's. The stock tires were noisy and rough. With the PIrelli's and Craig's expert mounting and balancing, the car rides like the smooth quiet electric car it was meant to be. A stellar improvement. I won't go to any other tire place, and will steer all friends here. Thanks, Craig.
Luis, Chevy Volt

Craig's service was above the rest. He doesn't just slap on the tires and put his hand out for the money. He takes the time to explain the differences and precision of his state of the art equipment. 'Ive been a car guy all my life and I learned a lot. He's worth the money. Use him.

"Recently conducted my third transaction with Pit Crew Tire. Once again another satisfying experience. Most recent transaction replaced a set of Kumho tires with a set of Falkens on a 2013 Hyundai Veloster, WOW what a difference in the ride.  Craig aka “The Tire Professor” gave some great tips about adhering to manufacture’s tire specs and an education on wheel locks as well.  As always “The Professor” pontificated on maintaining proper air pressure.  Definitely worth the drive to Palm Harbor. "
Jeff D. Tierra Verde, FL

I am completely satisfied with your installation of my tires. You were courteous, professional and highly efficient. I will always recommend you to all of my friends. Well Done !!!
Randy L.

"I needed new tires very badly. I was told about Craig thru a friend of mine. Being a women I always feel like we as a whole are thought of as "being uninformed" about most all subjects concerning and about our cars. I know my jeep and Craig was right there to answer all my questions and concerns. He was very prompt when he said he going to be there to replace them. On time to the minute. I want to say THANK YOU to a very kind man who showed me respect and honestly. There should be more people such as him in the world."
DAS - St. Petersburg, FL

"With out a doubt the best tire service I have ever received. I collect & drive high end high performance cars & Craig put in Nitrogen & also set the inflation in the tires. I can tell you first hand this man knows his tires & how to set them up. He is without a doubt the #1 tire technician this side of the Mississippi. I wouldn't have anyone but Craig work on my tires & get me the proper tires for the car I requested he find tires for. My mom is almost 80 years old & still drives today & had Craig do her tires & she noticed the difference in their handling with Nitrogen. If you want Nitrogen in your tires & you should call Craig for he is THE FIREMAN TIREMAN. Craig thanks for the great experience & we will be using your expertise from now on..."
Thanks Jim Austin

"A++++ Craig balanced and put nitrogen in the tires of my 2007 Ford F-250 Super Duty truck. Craig corrected a vibration problem I was having. I had gone to the Ford dealer 7 times for the problem and they were never able to correct the problem. Craig fixed the balancing issue the first time and now I finally have a smooth ride. The service was outstanding. Craig will always have my business for every vehicle I ever own. Thanks, Craig."

"Craig (Pit Crew) recently changed the rear tires on my Porsche. His price was competitive to the Tire rack or other mail order option. Best of all, he came to my workplace and did the change meaning I didn't have to carry loose tires around town or get dirty. Craig is a standup guy and his service is top notch. His automatic use of nitrogen adds value to the deal and speaks to the quality of the service. I certainly will call him again in the future for all my vehicles.

Craig's recommendation for tire type, nitrogen use and tire alignment made all the difference in loving my car again. Before it felt like I was driving in thick mud with slow or difficult response imbedded in the road. After the car felt like I was driving on the road with a greater response in action and the tire choice was just what I needed. Thanks Craig!

 I needed trailer Tires and called Pit Crew. They were out the next day and installed two new tires at the price quoted. Very courteous and professional. I will use them again.

Additional thanks to all the feedback from our customer.  We appreciate you!  Click to read reviews *page will open in a new window.



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Pit Crew Mobile Tire Store - On the Road Tampa Bay Area Florida!

Pit Crew Mobile Tire Store - Servicing All Makes and Models in the Tampa Bay Area

Pit Crew Mobile Tire Service - Tampa Bay Area of Florida

Pit Crew Mobile Tire Store - Tampa Bay Area of Florida




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