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Pit Crew Mobile Tire Store - All Makes and Models Tampa Bay Area Florida

Mobile Tires - Servicing the Tampa  Bay Area of Florida

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Tire Technology @ Pit Crew Mobile Tire Store.

Proper Inflation saves you money - maybe your LIFE!  

Check your tire pressure regularly. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 80% of the vehicles on the road are driving on under inflated tires. Nearly 4 million gallons of gas could be saved each and every day if all vehicle tires were inflated to the manufacturers recommended pressure.

Get the most out of your tires. Properly inflated tires wear more evenly and grip the road better. Tire blow-outs are also greatly reduced by maintaining the proper tire pressure.

Don't wait....  Rotate your tires! 

Tire Rotation preserves balance and extends the life of your tires. Rotate your tires every 3,000 - 6,000 miles.

  • On front wheel drive cars, rotate the tires in a forward cross pattern (fig. A) or the alternative X pattern (fig. B)

  • On rear wheel or four wheel drive vehicles, rotate the tires in a rearward cross pattern (fig. C) or the alternative X pattern (fig. B)

  • If your car has directional wheels or tires, rotate them as shown in fig. D

  • If your car has non-directional tires that are different size from front to rear, rotate them as shown in fig. E

We use Nitrogen (No additional charge!!)

Upon request, Pit Crew Tire Service utilizes Nitrogen rather than standard "air" for tire inflation. Air can later be added/mixed with Nitrogen if additional tire inflation is ever required.

Perma is an air products company that markets a product called  Prism membrane nitrogen system series 1400.    This product is an on board nitrogen generator.  Most companies purchase nitrogen in cylinders at about 2000 p.s.i.   We at Pit Crew  have chosen to invest in a system that will create nitrogen on demand and store it in an on-board 80 gal storage tank at low pressure.  (170 p.s.i. for safety concerns)  The USA trails European tire technology by about 10 years.  Today's bottled water was a luxury 30 years ago, nitrogen for our tires is analogous to this example  Pit Crew  is a forward looking company that sees that nitrogen is the future for tire inflation and is ready now too bring this important service to it's valuable customers.

Like adding bottled water to tap water! Still better than all tap water! 

Why Nitrogen?

Nitrogen is an inert, noncombustible, nonflammable and non-corrosive gas--has been used as a tire inflatant for years in commercial and military aircraft, space shuttle transport vehicles, NASCAR, Cart, Indy, imsa, scca racing, earthmoving equipment, and other applications where tires are subject to unusual stress.

Nitrogen is a superior tire inflatant because it diffuses through tire rubber 30 40 percent slower than air. As a result, proper tire pressure is maintained for a much longer period of time. Nitrogen has no fluctuation of  pressure due to temp (hot or cold, winter or summer) heat the tire pressure stays the same. Therefore always giving the tire the same foot print all the time, and improving tire wear in a uniformed manner.

Properly inflated tires maintain the correct footprint on the road, which minimizes squirm and rapid tire wear. Nitrogen further extends tire life because it is a clean, moisture free gas which significantly reduces internal tire oxidization and wheel corrosion caused by wet and oily compressed air. An important improvement of only five percent in tire life for the vehicles on the road today would also have a positive impact on the environment - resulting in at least 10 million fewer tires to dispose of each year!



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Pit Crew Tire on the Road
Pit Crew Mobile Tire Store - On the Road Tampa Bay Area Florida!

Pit Crew Mobile Tire Store - Servicing All Makes and Models in the Tampa Bay Area

Pit Crew Mobile Tire Service - Tampa Bay Area of Florida

Pit Crew Mobile Tire Store - Tampa Bay Area of Florida




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