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Michelin Pax System
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One day you’ll tell your grandkids about flat tires.

Imagine the possibility of hardly ever being stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire. Michelin® PAX® System combines a revolutioMichelin Pax System - Pit Crew Tire - Authorized Installationnary anchoring system with a run-flat system that allows you to drive up to 125 miles at 55 mph with a flat tire (includes miles already traveled on flat).

It’s one step closer to a future that could include airless tires and other innovations that will change the way the world moves.

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Here’s why PAX System is so revolutionary

Greater Safety and Freedom

Greater Safety and Freedom

A PAX System tire is designed to never separate from the rim, even with a sudden flat at high speeds under normal driving conditions. The inner support ring also offers exceptional maneuverability and control in a case of rapid air loss.

Peak Performance

Peak Performance

A PAX System tire has a shorter, more flexible sidewall than a traditional tire. That means less tire roll, better road grip and more responsive control.

A Greener Tomorrow

A Greener Tomorrow

PAX System tires offer an exceptional level of fuel economy compared to traditional tires. We’ve reduced the amount of energy it takes for these tires to move a vehicle forward. They also virtually eliminate the need for spare tires.

And, like all Michelin® tires, PAX System tires:

  • Provide excellent treadwear for long life
  • Are repairable if punctured in the tread area
  • Have a reusable support ring




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Pit Crew Mobile Tire Store - On the Road Tampa Bay Area Florida!

Pit Crew Mobile Tire Store - Servicing All Makes and Models in the Tampa Bay Area

Pit Crew Mobile Tire Service - Tampa Bay Area of Florida

Pit Crew Mobile Tire Store - Tampa Bay Area of Florida




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