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Customer Reviews, Comments and More........

Our wonderful customers share their reviews and comments on their experience with Pit Crew Tire Service. Read more full testimonials - click.

Jason C. writes:
Thank you for coming out today and providing your tire service. You're definitely everything my friend said you would be and more. I can see why he gave you such reviews. Your professional character and friendly demeanor is greatly appreciated in a business where that personal touch seems to be lost. Again thanks for the help and I look forward to doing business with
you again.

Thanks Jason!

Jim B. writes:
Thanks for the balancing and the mounting of my tire. The car behaves better than new and I found your service, advice and customer service to be superb. I will heartily recommend you and your services when ever possible.

Thanks Jim!

Mark writes:
I have been telling you all about my personal pit crew for some years now. Pit Crew Tires is owned and operated by Craig Knarich. He is a full time fireman, so his on 24 off 48 work schedule lends itself to this mobile business perfectly. He is competitive on pricing, he can get any tire you want, the work is always done right, your tires are Nitrogen filled, road force balanced and he comes to your door. His phone number is (727) 784-3951 or web = or by email

Below is a short documentation of the onsite installation of my new BF Goodrich KDW 225 - 45 x 16's:

This war wagon is self contained and everthing is always state of the art, from the Nitrogen generator to the road force tire balancer and down to the little stuff like the valve stem seal torque wrench.

Craig is removing my old 205 -45 x 16's. The new tires are over his right shoulder.




The road force balancer in action.




The road force balancer initial spin shows the imbalance and where it's located.




Craig uses stick-on weights behind the spokes (read: not visible and no rim damage). Perfect balance is done.


The red rocket has new shoes! They have better grip than a door to door insurance salesman.




Take care.........................Mark
Thanks Mark!

Amy in FL emails:

It is 1:30 in the afternoon and I am sitting in the waiting "lounge" at the local Quick Lube. Car racing is on TV, the smell of oil is wafting in the door and the best thing I can find to read is a Parenting magazine from six months ago. I find myself thinking about Craig of Pit Crew Tire Service and how Craig goes to his Customers, not the other way around.

I live in Ocala and recently purchased a fairly expensive new SUV. To my surprise, as I drove my new "dream car" I became more and more dissatisfied with the way it handled on the highway. It felt light, which it certainly isn't, and seemed to have a floating feel that didn't give me much confidence. I never felt like I had solid contact on the road. We took the car back to the dealer to check the alignment, which did turn out to be a bit off, but even after that the handling just wasn't what I had expected. Finally, my husband and I thought perhaps better tires might be needed.

Coincidentally, my Dad noticed a nail in one of the tires on his car. Having previously dealt with Craig at Pit Crew, he gave him a call. My Dad told Craig that he had never been all that happy with the tires on his car and said that perhaps he could recommend a better handling replacement. After a quick inspection of my father's tires Craig explained to him that the tires on his car were great tires and that all they needed, after removing the nail, was to be properly balanced and filled with Nitrogen. Nitrogen?

My Dad gave it a try and was so amazed by the improvement in his car's handling he called Craig and told him about my dilemma.

Shortly thereafter, my Dad called to tell me about what Craig had said about the tires on my SUV. He proceeded to tell me all about Craig who came to his office and serviced his tires right there in the parking lot. He was so excited about how his car felt he insisted that I come down to visit him in Clearwater so that I could have Craig take a look at my tires before I spent a fortune on new ones.

Honestly I was a little skeptical and had been planning on just buying new tires. However, over the years, I have learned that listening to my Dad is occasionally a good idea. Additionally, he's quite fanatic about his cars. I knew that this guy must be good if my Dad was happy. Certainly I had never heard of filling tires with nitrogen but it was explained to me that "Nitrogen is a superior tire inflatant because it migrates through tire rubber 30-40 percent slower than air. When tires are properly inflated they maintain the correct footprint on the road, reducing "squirm" and decreasing tire wear. Nitrogen further extends tire life because it is a clean, moisture- free gas which significantly reduces internal tire oxidation and wheel corrosion caused by wet and oily compressed air. Nitrogen is already used in IRL, NASCAR, Military Aircraft and Space Shuttle tires because it is the safest, best possible tire gas. Tires inflated with Nitrogen run between 10 and 15 percent cooler. Cooler running tires, with constant pressure, are not only longer lasting but feel remarkably different on the road."

Pit Crew tire has it own Nitrogen generator which creates Nitrogen on demand and stores it in an on-board 80 gallon storage tank. Along with the Nitrogen generator Pit Crew also has a GSP9700 Road Simulator which simulates a road test and automatically recommends corrections to the balance when needed. After hearing all of this and listening to my Dad go on and on about how
much better his car felt I was convinced that I had to meet the famous Craig from Pit Crew Tire.

The Thursday before I drove down to Tampa Craig called me and asked me to put my tire pressure up to the maximum PSI load. He explained that "when cars are transported around the country, or across oceans, the tire pressure is reduced and the car is tied down on the car carriers. When the cars arrive, the tires are re-inflated and they are parked in a lot where they wait to be sold and delivered. Tires have memory and that flat spot from being tied down effects the feel of the tire". So I pumped my tires up the max and drove down to Tampa Friday night.

On Saturday morning I received a call from Craig saying that he would be at my father's house in 10 minutes and would I please go out and drive the car until he called me to come back. He wanted the tires to be warm. I drove around the neighborhood, staying close because I was afraid I might get lost until Craig called me on my cell to come home. When I rounded the corner to my Dad's driveway I was amazed at the big impressive Pit Crew Tire truck sitting in his driveway. I could see the neighbors peering out of their windows wondering what had entered the neighborhood. I was barely out of the car before Craig was sliding donut like things under my car. He hooked them into his air compressor and my big heavy SUV was magically floating on four pillows of air. He told me that he would be done in about a half hour and I could go inside and wait in the air conditioning. I went inside for about 30 seconds and decided that I was much too curious not to watch this process! The next half an hour was fascinating. Craig was great. He invited me into his van to watch as he balanced my tires. As he worked he explained everything to me. I now feel like I know more about tires than I ever thought I cared to know. He worked quickly but was meticulous about
every detail and made sure the tires were absolutely perfect. I had given him an explanation of my complaint and he told me that it was not an uncommon problem with my particular tires. He said that I should feel and amazing difference. As he drove away all I could think was how nice it was to meet someone who takes such pride in what they do. Craig was friendly, knowledgeable, professional and best of all he came to me. I didn't have to go sit in a smelly garage helplessly hoping that they were fixing the problem.

After he left, my Dad and I jumped in my car to take it for a test drive. It was amazing! The car felt like a completely different vehicle. It felt solid, stuck to the road. It was smooth and easy to drive. No more floating sensation or vibrations.

I will never go anywhere else for tire servicing. Craig was fantastic!! He even called me that night to make sure that everything was OK. If he had told me to buy four new tires, I would have, Instead, Craig insisted that we try to "fix" these first instead of spending money unnecessarily. When it comes to quality product and service delivery, it doesn't get any better than that!

Thanks Amy!

Kandi in FL writes:
Thank you for your continued tire service on my car. I appreciate your immediate attention to my phone calls (even when it is not an emergency). You have a customer for life. Especially with the fact that I do not have to leave my office/house for repairs or new tire installation. Thank you for always being so helpful.

Thanks Kandi!



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Pit Crew Mobile Tire Store - Servicing All Makes and Models in the Tampa Bay Area

Pit Crew Mobile Tire Service - Tampa Bay Area of Florida

Pit Crew Mobile Tire Store - Tampa Bay Area of Florida




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