About Us @ Pit Crew Mobile Tire Store.

Since 1991 Pit Crew Tire Store has excelled in the tire industry and set the standard with vibration solving technology. Read our customer testimonials. We have solved the toughest vibration problems sent to us by auto manufacturers and tire manufacturers alike. If it’s in the tire and wheel assembly we can fix it. If it’s not a wheel and tire issue our diagnostic equipment will pin point us in the right direction for suspension, engine or drive train issues. Using the Kent Moore EVA II Tool Technology we spare no cost to have the finest collection of vibration diagnostic equipment. We give our customers A QUALITY RIDE... GUARANTEED!

Don’t want your wheels damaged? Neither do we! At Pit Crew Mobile Tire Store we only use the most modern tire mounting equipment. When tire stores had standard tire changing equipment we had the advanced European Rim Clamp Machines, when they had rim clamps we were already using the Hunter TC3500, required by BMW for metal free mounting. Now again we are staying ahead of the competition by installing the RAV Swift Touch Less Wheel System and we are the only one in the U.S. with this advanced tire changing technology. The RAV Swift is well known in Europe, that's why we have it and the competition doesn't. When Pit Crew Mobile Tire Store says expert installation we prove it